Why sooq.my?

sooq.my is a joint venture between Qandeez Unlimited Enterprise and super volunteers (Ayz, Raptor, Zuan, Maphia and Tohliang). It’s a non profit oriented platform. Established for the sake of Ummah! We are against any boycott movement. However, we encourage people to share the wealth with another.

A group of talented and committed people is in charge of all daily operations. This includes reviewing submissions, editing listings, creating topics, etc. Servers and upstream are provided by the Qandeez Unlimited Enterprise and it’s staff also provides daily support at various levels in the directory.

Our goal is to make sooq.my a highly relevant source for finding information about Muslim products either local or abroad. Our topic structure is unique built from the ground up by talented administrators in the directory. Our goal is to organize all informations submitted to be presented in a user friendly layout that benefit other users.

All listings are basically free of charge. However, in certain circumstances it might require a small amount of fee for possible inclusion. A free/paid review does not guarantee inclusion it only guarantees sooq.my administrator will review your listing to see if it meets submission policy. Your submission must meet submission guidelines to be accepted. To learn more about our submission policy please find in our Term and Conditions section.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us admin@sooq.my. We strive to answer all questions but due to volume this is sometimes impossible. Please review our help section before requesting information. Its important to stress that we will not respond to your email if the answer is found in the help section.